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Liquor & Herb Provoked Rambling of a Young Genius

Joe is the name. 21, college student, on the relentless journey of life, searching for success and good times on my way.

I aIso am an aspiring rap artist in my free time, going by the stage name of Joe Kool. The link at the top, Joe Kool - My Music, is a collection of my songs. I have been writing rap songs as a pastime for a few years now, and I have started to record them to get my voice out there. In my writings, I like to emphasize clever wordplay and metaphors, while still saying something or having a direction to a song. Hope you enjoy, feel free to ask any questions, feedback is greatly appreciated, and most importantly, thanks for listening.
Apr 17 '14


guys i just really want to share this with you


if you are looking for any music that you’d like just type a name of a band or a musican on the top-right search. then click on the black circle and choose “expand”. viola! now, you can continue doing this and find lots of music artists in your taste. thank you for the attention, and i hope you’ll find this post useful. 

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Apr 14 '14

Anonymous asked:

Should I rewatch Star Wars in order of release or in story order?



I’m about to blow your mind.


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Relevant. Brilliant. I’m excited to rewatch in this order.

But jeez everybody and their mother bashes on phantom menace, I still hella like it. Okay, it’s the worst of the six, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie! Sure a tax dispute is lame af, but pod racing, darth maul, Liam Neeson! N I like that it shows Anakin has a pure heart at first, helps the story be full circle. Just sayin, maybe tone down the hate on ep. 1.

Apr 14 '14
On the outside, lookin in #kittycat #metaphortomylifemayne #wherethenipat

On the outside, lookin in #kittycat #metaphortomylifemayne #wherethenipat

Apr 8 '14


do you ever like, miss somebody a whole lot, and then you have a dream with them in it and you wake up and it feels like you actually were with them just a little bit ago? and it feels like maybe they had a dream about you too and it was this whole special psychic meeting for you and your missed person

Apr 8 '14


The space between us grows
As you talk less every day
Knowing what I know
Seeing your interest fade
You loved in the past
It was stupid, even you said
You would be smart to love me
But oh the heart is a fool
I can attest to this
From all the quizzical pains and paces in my chest
That have me up at brisk hours asking myself questions about things that dont exist
Like our future
Our days are numbered
I know we don’t wanna date
But we have an expiration date?
I’ll never be sold on that
I’ll remain frozen in the back of the walk in cooler
Trembling, taking stock
Of how it’s all changed since I first got that job
And got to know you
Wondering why I’m still here
Needing an escape
But there’s no sense in chasing after you

Apr 8 '14

ScHoolboy concert last nigHt #oxymoron #scHoolboyQ #rap #yayyay #cali #tde #isaihrashad #vincestaples #oxymorontour

Apr 5 '14

20 Questions

What’s your favorite color?
I didn’t forget, but couldn’t it have changed?
How have you been?
Did you know a video on the art of stealth attraction instructed me to ask that of girls in a club whom I’d never met before, so I could have a better chance to sleep with them?
Why do I bother with anything?
Been to any clubs lately?
Where did it go wrong?
Are you still running plenty?
Have you ever noticed how beautiful, luscious and cleansed, your surroundings can look after a large downpour of rain, and wondered how serenity can even return from such a thing?
How was the camping trip?
Did she say I seemed fine?
Did you ask?
When, or how, or why, am I supposed to be okay?
How was your evening?
Do I ever still cross your mind when you’re drunk?
Why did you stop calling me when you’re drunk?
Is it supposed to feel like I’m tormenting myself?
Couldn’t you feel my heart beat faster in your palm?
Do you remember all of the times, any of the times, we smiled and laughed together, when I made you feel like a kid again?
Are you happier… err, happy, now that I’m gone?

Apr 5 '14

“If you die you’re completely happy and your soul somewhere lives on. I’m not afraid of dying. Total peace after death, becoming someone else is the best hope I’ve got.”
- Kurt Cobain (February 20, 1967 - April 5, 1994)


“If you die you’re completely happy and your soul somewhere lives on. I’m not afraid of dying. Total peace after death, becoming someone else is the best hope I’ve got.”

- Kurt Cobain (February 20, 1967 - April 5, 1994)

Apr 4 '14

Hung Up

We were like Lindsey Weir and hers
Hardly seen apart
Now your wardrobe is less consistent
I suppose most fashions dont last this long
But I’m classic

The days when you wear me out, flaunting me
The nights when I wrap around you
And keep you warm
are the best

I am your insulation
I’m headless, sometimes you grow sleepy
Without me, you must feel hollow,
Naked, chilled
But without you, I fear I will become torn, or dirtied, and subsequently discarded to the landfills
Or abandoned in some purgatorial consignment where I’m glanced past at most

I like when you wear me out
You keep me warm as well
And it’s better than hanging at home

Apr 3 '14

One New Voicemail

A drug filled and sleepless night
But I’m not tired, and my head’s never been more clear
Everything feels at peace and right with life
when its your voice I hear
Your streams of consciousness flow endlessly; I find them sublime
Baby I could listen to you babble all day
I used to work with a girl named Brook, see she would
She could fill an ocean with words, yet without a drop of knowledge
You’re not like these other girls
We live in an age where everyone is told they’re special, even if they aren’t, but you truly are
You deserve to know this
You dominate my thoughts
So consistently. More so than I thought possible.
If my time spent on you is a waste, then I’d be proud wasting my whole life
To stay wasted on the high you give me
One man’s trash, another man’s treasure
They may throw you away, but I’ll cherish you forever
This isn’t an “important message”
But everytime we talk I feel a sense of importance
I don’t expect anything to change how you feel about me
I doubt it would, in that way
Those things cant be made to happen, they just do
But this doesn’t worry me too much
I’m merely thankful that in my life
I met you
I experienced you
I held you
I fucked you
I loved you
With every fiber of my being
I’m glad I missed the initial call, only because after I called back and conversated til you went to sleep
I got to hear your voice, with a lovely message just an hour stale
I love each moment I find myself in
But I love the ones that you’re in even more

Apr 2 '14


I interrupt the mood, the flow of our interaction
Fantastic as it is
Hold an old clunky plastic contraption against my brow
Zoom a bit
A little focus
One eye shut
I reopen it and detatch from the mechanics
To smile at you
So you might realize my joy in this picturesque serendipity

Back to it
Line it up just right
Say something corny and elongated
Breathe in
Push the button
A click, a whurr, a few seconds
Is all it takes to capture the essence of your beauty
And our time
And hold the most precious of moments for all eternity
I only wish I could do the same

Apr 1 '14

Successfully pranked three friends today, finally a holiday I’m good at

Mar 30 '14

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Mar 27 '14
#tbt bout a month ago at the tbell drive thru in vs. I wonder if they had a baltimore ravens one on last year… #bandwagon #licenseplate #seahawks #what #tacobell #theytookdaysgettintheirfoodtho

#tbt bout a month ago at the tbell drive thru in vs. I wonder if they had a baltimore ravens one on last year… #bandwagon #licenseplate #seahawks #what #tacobell #theytookdaysgettintheirfoodtho

Mar 23 '14


i wanna die but maybe something cool will happen so ill stay alive for now